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We are extremely proud of what we do in the Little Mind Nursery and believe that we have a totally special school with a range of positive things that inspire our children every day. As educational guardians in our country, we commit ourselves to cultivating the little kids in a precise combination of emotional, social value, cognitive and intellectual. Our preschool platform offers an open environment where children can experience a full combination of technology and education in recreational activities. Little Mind Nursery is distinguished and generated by the unique pedagogical and state-of-the-art facilities.

The Little Mind Nursery, the best kindergarten in Dubai offers your children a safe and comfortable environment. This is really relevant for taping and illustrating their new potentials. Children don't have to be packed with knowledge like empty tanks. They are like soft paper towels, and we can cultivate an exciting and curious mental tendency to consume meaningful knowledge, making them formally free of school, curious, informative and engaging.

Little Minds Nursery is an efficient, committed teaching and learning community that helps the child's whole growth- an environment that gives students many opportunities.

Therefore, don’t be late and get your child enrolled in the best kindergarten in Dubai.

Please download and submit the filled registration form, Medical Form & Parent Consent forms during the admission time.
To download the forms in PDF format, please click below forms:

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Other documents required during admission:

- Photocopy of child’s passport including visa page
- Photocopy of Parents Pasport Copy & Visa Page
- Photocopy of child's Emirates ID
- Passport sized photographs (4)
- Photocopy of birth certificate
- Photocopy of vaccination record